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Print on Demand

Initiate the printing process by clicking the Order Prints button below and attaching your documents to the email. Please provide detailed instructions regarding quantities and desired services in the email, along with your comprehensive contact details.

Colour Printing

Colour digital printing offers versatility, speed, and cost-effectiveness. It allows you to print precisely the number of documents you need, minimizing costs, waste, and required storage space. This method supports printing on a diverse range of media, with a thickness of up to 350gsm.


Transform stacks of paper into easily storable, retrievable, and editable digital information through our scanning services. Once documents are scanned, they can be converted into various file formats to suit your needs. We also offer high-resolution image scanning for wide format colour/monochrome images and plans, providing a comprehensive digitization solution.

Vibrant assortment of colored papers showcasing the power of Xerox's advanced printing technology. Experience the brilliance of true colors and unleash your creativity with Xerox colored printing!
Sharp and Crisp Black and White Prints from Xerox. Experience Precision and Quality with Xerox Black and White Printing Services
Xerox machine efficiently enveloping a stack of letters. Streamline your mailing process with Xerox's reliable enveloping solutions

Black & White Printing and Copying

Email us your most recent newsletter, presentation, or any document, and we’ll efficiently and cost-effectively print it for you in a short time frame. Our Xerox devices are equipped with cutting-edge laser technology, guaranteeing the production of high-quality prints. 


Even the most aesthetically pleasing documents need the right finishing touch to be truly complete. We provide a range of finishing services, including folding, collating, trimming, stapling, binding, and laminating, to fulfill all your finishing requirements.


Printing and enveloping invoices, statements, and other mailing materials can be a laborious and time-consuming task. At our print shop, we offer the convenience of printing, enveloping, and handling the entire mailing process on your behalf, ensuring swift turnaround times.

Epson Large Format Printing

Indulge in superior large format printing with our Epson printers, delivering vibrant and detailed prints from your digital files. Our expertise guarantees stunning results suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Emphasizing quality, seamless service, and Eco-friendly practices, we assure exceptional prints tailored to your specific needs.

Large format printing is ideal for advanced photography prints, posters, exhibition graphics, banners, blueprints, plans, signs, and more!

Epson Large Format Printer producing a vibrant and detailed parrot image. Experience stunning color reproduction and fine detail with Epson's advanced printing technology