October 25, 2023

Tips for a Healthier, Green Workspace

“Greening” has experienced a growth in the last few years. People, businesses, individual cities, states and countries are shifting to embrace the dictates of environmental issues, from climate change, to pollution, loss of biodiversity and more. 

Embracing the Green Market

According to a 2018 Nielsen Product Insider study nearly half of American consumers would decidedly or likely change their buying habits to curb their personal impact on the environment: In 2018 alone shoppers consumed an estimated $128.5 billion worth of sustainably-branded goods. By 2021 it is projected that they will spend up to $150 billion on sustainable goods, an increase of $14 billion since 2014. 

The resources below can help you turn your workspace into a healthier, greener area that you, your employees and customers can feel good about. 

6 Recommended Resources for Going Green

1. Recycle your used printing equipment

Recycling your used printing equipment or donating it can make a significant impact on reducing the staggering amount of electronic waste. In 2018 alone, Americans produced a whopping 48.5 million tons of e-waste, a statistic that underscores the urgent need for sustainable solutions. By choosing to recycle or donate your printing equipment, you not only contribute to the reduction of this alarming e-waste figure but also partake in a responsible and environmentally conscious approach to disposal. These actions empower individuals and businesses alike to play an active role in minimizing their carbon footprint and fostering a sense of social responsibility. So, whether you’re upgrading your office equipment or simply looking to declutter your space, consider the positive environmental and ethical implications of your choices, and help create a more sustainable future for all. 

2. Order (or make) an Eco-Box

When you’re finished with printer supplies, there are convenient ways to be eco-friendly. You can return the used cartridge or toner container in its original packaging or order free Eco Boxes with pre-paid return labels from Xerox. For the DIY enthusiast, creating your own Eco Box from recyclable cardboard is a budget-friendly option. 

What’s even more impressive is the collective effort of Xerox customers over the last 20 years. Their commitment to recycling toner supplies has diverted a staggering 145 million pounds of waste from landfills. These choices demonstrate the significant impact of individual and corporate responsibility in reducing environmental harm and inspire others to do the same for a greener future.

3. Always choose Energy Star-certified equipment

The ENERGY STAR program, which was launched in 1993 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and had Xerox as one of its Charter Partners, has played a pivotal role in shaping energy-efficient standards for electronic products. These standards have, in turn, served as the cornerstone for the development of other eco-labels, including EPEAT and Blue Angel. This program reflects a consistent and ongoing commitment to curbing product energy consumption, promoting sustainability, and reducing the environmental impact of technology.

To make informed and eco-conscious choices when shopping for products, it’s highly recommended to take a look at the Xerox Environmental Products list. This resource can provide valuable information about Xerox products that adhere to environmentally friendly and energy-efficient standards. By using this list as a reference, you can ensure that your purchases align with your commitment to sustainability and contribute to a greener, more environmentally responsible future. 

4. Be responsible with office resources

Responsible resource management in the office is essential for environmental sustainability. From adopting double-sided printing and digital document downloading through audio apps to reverting to traditional coffee pots instead of single-use pod machines, there are numerous eco-conscious choices available. Additionally, to further support eco-friendly practices, consider exploring Xerox’s valuable tips for responsible and environmentally conscious printing, ensuring that your office operations align with a commitment to sustainability. 

5. Practice green procurement or sustainable purchasing

Embracing sustainable procurement practices involves the conscientious sourcing of goods and services from local providers who adhere to environmentally responsible methods. This approach prioritizes materials that minimize waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote the efficient use of energy, water, and soil. It also encompasses the use of renewable energy sources and ensures that products are free from toxic substances and pollutants.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers valuable resources to assist businesses in identifying and selecting green products and services that align with these principles, thereby facilitating a more sustainable and environmentally conscious supply chain. By making such choices, businesses can contribute to a greener future while fostering responsible and ethical practices in the marketplace.

6. Energize your workplace

For those in the office, download these energy-saving posters to motivate simple habits and get everyone onboard. Encourage employees to make the right choice by creating a plastic-free work zone: supply real coffee cups and glasses or have employees bring their own, set up multiple recycling bins for paper, glass and aluminum, and have a compost container in the kitchen. Encourage your workers to work from home if possible, or if they need to go into the office, consider incentives for them to walk, cycle or use local transit.  

In an era where environmental consciousness is on the rise, these six recommended resources serve as valuable tools to help you make your workspace greener and more sustainable. By taking small yet meaningful steps, you can contribute to a healthier planet while creating an eco-friendly atmosphere that benefits both your team and the environment. 

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